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Examples of Artificial Intelligence Technology

Examples of Artificial Intelligence Technology

As the abilities of AI expand right before us, society will see an increasing number of examples for artificial intelligence to find integrations. With research on AI spanning decades, the technology is garnering substantial attention due to its rapid developments in recent years. From devices, applications, physical and digital use cases, examples of artificial intelligence at work come with an ever-growing list. While many people are excited about recreational AI technologies, many of the changes that carry a lot of weight are in the corporate environment. Nevertheless, this article will dive into many of the AI technologies that are out there, alongside numerous artificial intelligence examples and use cases.

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Whether it’s manufacturing robots, smart assist tech, marketing, or healthcare systems and technologies, AI seems to be finding its way into every corner of our lives. Recent developments in artificial intelligence have made way for one of the most historical events in tech history.

Aside from the fear-mongering that you find in mainstream media outlets, the pros of AI heavily outweigh the cons when used properly. By building faster solutions across many areas of life, people are able to get more of their time back and reprioritize how they manage it. Below, you can get a look at more than one example of artificial intelligence changing the way we live moving forward.

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1. Modern navigation

Something you may not consider is everything that’s going on behind the scenes with the navigation apps we use every day. With the rise of smartphones many years ago, the capabilities of navigation tools expanded quite a bit.

Not only were they easily accessible through mobile applications, but they offered an immense amount of detail at your fingertips. Of course, they’re still used today, and artificial intelligence is used for many different navigation applications from our smartphones to space travel. Moreover, the technology is also being applied to make improvements in accuracy, safety, and convenience.

Over the years, the integrations of AI into navigation tech have only increased, with its abilities expanding, making the applications more effective than ever before. AI also helps simplify information for the end user to make it easily digestible at a glance. From children to the elderly, AI benefits the learning curve of navigation applications and has done so for years.

AI Technologies: examples of AI technologies| AImReply
2. Facial recognition

Although this technology has existed for quite some time, it’s more important to mention that face recognition tech has leaned on AI heavily. It’s able to identify people based on many different aspects of their physical traits. This is only made possible through the use of AI and is one the simplest examples artificial intelligence has to offer.

Facial recognition used to be exclusive to much higher-end technologies, but now it can be found in the smartphones of everyday people. For many years, law enforcement has made use of this tech to get a step ahead of criminal activity. 

You’d be surprised at the number of applications where facial recognition can be helpful for security purposes. This has proven to be effective in securing personal information, and has been a helpful tool for law enforcement for years. Other use cases include supporting medical records in an emergency or make security checkpoints less time consuming.

AI Technologies: examples of AI technologies| AImReply
3. Financial technology

Among the many processes in online banking, many of them are en route to be refreshed by utilizing artificial intelligence. This is primarily for the sake of user experience, but AI offers many potential benefits for the banking sector to help make it more accurate and efficient.

Some benefits AI can bring to banking and financial technology include:

  • AI-driven fraud detection
  • Chatbots with advanced capabilities powered by natural language processing (NLP)
  • Detecting unusual spending patterns
  • Accurate analysis of credit scores and other aspects of financial history
  • Overall improvements in the efficacies and capabilities of modern financial services

Throughout all of the industries in which AI is currently making its mark, fintech is one that will surely see a positive impact. Not only will these artificial intelligence examples bring new services to the fintech market, but they’ll also make way for better quality support for customers.

AI Technologies: examples of AI technologies| AImReply
4. Security

It’s well known that the quality of CCTV footage isn’t always the greatest. Then again, this quality varies quite a bit, but many current systems like the ability to identify definitive details. A crucial element of any crime, security footage needs to provide verifiable and actionable information for any wrongdoing.

With AI being thrown in the mix, different angles of surveillance can be enhanced, leading to more accurate and effective monitoring. Even low-quality footage can be enhanced by using AI. Considering human error is bound to occur at some point, AI can remove this issue altogether. It can also be utilized to monitor social activity to stay one step ahead of potential threats to the public.

Security footage is just one application here, as AI is being used to monitor social media and online forums. Aside from that, AI is capable of highly efficient large data analysis. All these elements combined will push surveillance into a new era of accuracy that's bound to positively affect society.

AI Technologies: examples of AI technologies| AImReply
5. Virtual and smart assistant tech

The rise of smart assistant technology has been expanding for quite some time, but it's getting a second wind thanks to new developments in AI. Another prime example artificial intelligence can offer society is virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa, which are seeing notable improvements. 

Another example of this tech include Google Assistant, which is one of the most popular. All of these are able to set alarms, purchase products, play music and more, all through the power of AI. You can also find AI-driven assistant technology in online customer support, with chatbots making strides in customer satisfaction.

Personal assistant tech like this works using NLP and ML algorithms, and statistical analysis to deliver customized actions to requests from users. With new developments in neural networks, natural language, and more, the capabilities of smart assistant technology are catching new strides.

AI Technologies: examples of AI technologies| AImReply
6. Managing email accounts

Just about everyone has at least one email account that they use on a consistent basis. It’s still a relevant form of communication, but email providers offer many different tools in today’s world. In the professional environment, most employees spend hours managing incoming and outgoing emails. It isn’t uncommon for these responses to be pretty general, which is a task that AI can handle with little difficulty.

This is where we found our niche in the AI market, as AImReply solves this issue by creating personalized messages and delivering time-saving automation. Aside from standard email management, you can also take advantage of AI-driven insights.

With AI Email Writer, you can analyze email content in seconds, and generate responses that can maintain the context. You can always personalize every message, and users can access our tool on any of their devices.

AI Technologies: examples of AI technologies| AImReply

What’s next for AI?

Even if it seems like AI might hit a peak in regard to new advancements, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is that the capabilities of AI are barely scratching the surface of being harnessed.

It’s evident that there’s a lot of talk surrounding cybersecurity concerns, but this is a topic that’s being handled with urgency by numerous parties. From government organizations to innovators within the AI industry, it’s important to remember that anything negative that stems from AI likely started with user error.

Many people argue that the benefits of the technology significantly outweigh the risks, but that hasn’t stopped disagreeing sides from putting in their two cents. What we will start to see more of moving forward is adoption among the public, increased education on AI, and more accessibility to the technology.

AI Technologies: examples of AI technologies| AImReply

Other notable developments and use cases in the AI space include some of the following:

  • Adaptive charging
  • Video game development
  • Crash detection tech
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Healthcare management
  • And many more

This article makes all of these developments sound relatively easy, but it’s only moving at a fast pace due to the heavy interest in the technology. As with any new technological development that affects the entire world, its progression is bound to come with some uncertainties. There's no argument that much of AI's future is merely predictions, but a lot of it is also backed by concrete data.

AI Technologies: examples of AI technologies| AImReply

In summary

Artificial intelligence isn’t a standalone technology. Its capabilities are compiled of a variety of technologies that work together to deliver a rather impressive outcome. The technology is rapidly making its way into our personal and professional lives, forcing society to look and see what it has to offer.

Even with expected curiosity from the public, AImReply has seen a highly positive response to their service in the AI market. By eliminating the time-consuming and mundane nature of managing emails, we’ve successfully given hours of time back to our users. You can find more information about AImReply on our website, and our team members are available to chat if you have any direct questions about how the technology works.

Author Ethan Wilson
Written by

Author, Expert in Email Strategy and Artificial Intelligence

Author Ethan Wilson

Written by

Ethan Wilson

Author, Expert in Email Strategy and Artificial Intelligence

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