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How to write a salary negotiation email

How to write a salary negotiation email

Navigating salary negotiation can be a tricky subject, mostly because the wording of it can make or break the final decision. While some superiors may be easier to talk to with such matters, others can be entirely intimidating. Man or woman, negotiating your salary can be a stressful experience. Learning how to write a salary negotiation email is paramount to furthering your career, but how you word it is everything. For this article, you’re going to gain a word of advice on how to write salary negotiation emails and how AI tools like AImReply can help.

Improve Your Communication
Improve Your Communication

Employ the full range of AI advantages with AImReply and express your thoughts faultlessly in every email.

There’s nothing wrong with adding your own personality to a professional email, but the message and tone of voice are more important. Diving into salary negotiations would understandably require a bit of tact in how you word it. Thankfully, there's plenty of resource material to help guide you.

How to write a salary negotiation email with examples | AImReply

Consider these few key points when writing an email to negotiate your salary:

  • Always be polite;
  • Do market research on your position and expected salary;
  • Be direct with your salary expectations;
  • Make sure to be open to further negotiations with your employer.

Although it can be a tricky topic, many industry experts offer email templates fitting for many unique situations. Remember that it's always best to customize these templates, as adding your personality to the mix can go a long way with your employer.

How to write a salary negotiation email with examples | AImReply

Salary Negotiation Email Templates

Throughout your career, you’ll find there are various times when it’s appropriate to negotiate your salary. You always want to take advantage of these opportunities, as they don’t always pass by very often. With the email templates below, you can better understand how to write an email for salary negotiations.

1. You landed a job offer

Likely to be one of the first instances you’ll be able to negotiate a salary is when you first land a new job. Now, this isn’t always possible, sometimes due to the size of the company itself.

Nevertheless, it isn't uncommon for larger organizations to go through this with new hires. Read through the template below for a great way to negotiate your salary when you land a new job.

Hello [Recipient Name],

I hope this email finds you well. My name is (Your Name), and I wanted to personally reach out and thank you for the job offer! After further review, I was curious if you’d be open to negotiating the salary with me.

I’m hoping we can come to an agreement that aligns with my experience and time in the industry, and I’d be more than eager to sit down and discuss it further. Of course, if you have any questions or concerns, I’m all ears. Thank you again, and I hope to speak with you soon.

All the best,
[Your Name]

How to write a salary negotiation email with examples | AImReply
2. Sending a follow-up

Considering the important nature of the topic, it isn’t out of line to send a follow-up email. This doesn’t have to be a lengthy email by any means. If this is a follow up to their initial response, then it could be an opportunity to learn how to write a counter offer email.

Hello [Recipient Name],

My name is (Your Name), and we spoke a while back about a job offer for (position). I wanted to follow up as I recently sent a previous email inquiring about salary negotiations. I'm still very interested in the position and feel I could be a solid asset to the company.

Overall, I’m open to flexible negotiation, and it’s more important to me that we land on even terms for a healthy working relationship. We can also set up a meeting if that works better for you. Thank you for your time and consideration!

Best regards,
[Your Name]

How to write a salary negotiation email with examples | AImReply
3. Navigating a promotion

For those who already work for an organization and have heard they're receiving a promotion, this is your chance to negotiate your salary. This approach can be slightly different, but it still requires tact, as your employer likely already has a salary increase in mind. Overstepping is possible in this space, but the outcome can land in your favor with the right wording.

Hello [Recipient Name]

I’m ecstatic to hear that you believe I’m a good fit for this promotion, and I can’t wait to get started! I also wanted to inquire if there’s a potential to have a discussion about negotiating my salary before accepting the position.

I’m open to being pretty flexible, but I’m hoping we can come to an agreement that aligns with my experience and performance. Please let me know if there’s anything important we need to cover before the transition happens, and I’ll be happy to assist. Have a great day, and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

All the best,
[Your Name]

From hiring to promotions, this template is pretty universal. If you still feel a bit overwhelmed with the topic, it’s important to simplify it in your head.

Overthinking generally leads to making mistakes, which is bound to affect the quality of your email. One way you can aim to avoid this is by using a tool like AImReply to handle email responses for you.

How to write a salary negotiation email with examples | AImReply

Use AImReply to Your Advantage

You can take the stress out of how to write an email for salary negotiation by letting AImReply AI email writer handle the groundwork. All you have to do is offer a little guidance, and it can generate your tone, context, and more.

With the help of AI, you can ensure every email captures your personality. It can also technically maintain full conversations via email as it helps you with every reply. In regard to salary negotiation, this can be helpful as AImReply can improve your chances of getting what you want in the end. For instance, have a look at an email of a salary negotiation when being offered a job created by AImReply in a second:

Dear [Recipient Name],

I hope this email finds you well. First of all, I would like to express my gratitude for the offer I received for the (Job Title) position at (The Company Name)! I am indeed excited about the opportunity to join your team and give all of my effort to contribute to the company's progress. However, after having considered everything, I would like to raise the question of reviewing the salary offer.

I am indeed really enthusiastic about the perspective role. Given the belief that my skills and experience make me a strong fit for this position, I am confident about my skills to make a significant impact to the company.

I appreciate the initial salary offer; however, there is a need to discuss the option of increasing the base salary. The market suggests that a salary range of (Salary Range) for this type of role is more standard for professionals with my qualifications and experience.

To underline once again, I value the chance to work with your team and do believe we can find a solution that will suit both sides. I look forward to talking about this question further in order to come up with a decision that would respect my abilities, experience, and the value I am eager to bring to (Your Company Name). Please let me know when we can talk about this question or, if there is a preferred process for such a discussion, I am ready to negotiate.

Best regards,
[Your Name]

How to write a salary negotiation email with examples | AImReply

Other notable benefits of AImReply include:

  • Free to sign up;
  • Works with desktop and mobile devices;
  • Chrome extension available;
  • Support for 16 languages;
  • Complete user privacy and data protection.

Not to mention a long list of satisfied users who have AImReply write emails for them on a daily basis. Getting started is a simple process, as creating an account only requires minimal personal information.

After that, you just have to highlight text from incoming emails and let the AI craft a perfect email based on the context. It’s something that’ll put hours back into your day while churning better results from your professional emails.

How to write a salary negotiation email with examples | AImReply

Avoid This During Salary Negotiation

While we have already covered a majority of the do’s related to salary negotiation, it’s vital that you review the don’ts as well. Etiquette goes a long way when it comes to negotiating your salary. Below is a brief list of what you should avoid pertaining to how to write a negotiation email.

  • Never use a negative tone;
  • It’s best to leave out any details regarding your personal life;
  • Make sure not to talk down about other employees or employers;
  • Don’t spam their inbox, sound pushy or impatient.

Making your way through the business world isn’t easy, but it’s a lot simpler when you approach each situation with kindness.

How to write a salary negotiation email with examples | AImReply

In conclusion

Even if you aren’t currently looking for a raise, knowing how to write emails for salary negotiation is a core professional skill to have. It may take some trial and error to feel confident, but this can be supplemented with the help of AImReply. Everything the service offers can easily handle your negotiation emails while generating a message that fits your interest.

Author Ethan Wilson
Written by

Author, Expert in Email Strategy and Artificial Intelligence

Author Ethan Wilson

Written by

Ethan Wilson

Author, Expert in Email Strategy and Artificial Intelligence

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