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TOP New Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies in 2024

TOP New Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies in 2024

In 2024, we can expect that new technology in AI will transform every industry because AI has applications everywhere. Looking back 100 years ago, we relied heavily on manual labor, but today’s world with AI is about learning how to triple or quadruple our output through new AI technologies. AI has seen widespread use in every field including medicine, business, defense, agriculture, law, and IT security. It can simplify things and perform some operations better than a human could. Let’s take a look at the top new AI technologies in 2024.

Improve Your Communication
Improve Your Communication

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Let’s examine what's new in AI to see all the new technologies that you can take advantage of to improve whatever you might be doing.

1. Generative AI

Taking off big in 2021, in the future, even humans may struggle to recognize the difference between human-written texts and AI-written texts. Coming in 2024, generative AI will likely play a huge role in almost all industries because of the widespread applications.

One of the areas where people will make use out of generative AI includes using it in emails, which you can use with the tool AImReply. This is the latest artificial intelligence technology, and it helps you to save hundreds of hours of time on emails every year. The reason AImReply saves that much time is due to the software ability to generate professionally written and perfectly appropriate emails in seconds. Over time, this adds up to saving you hundreds of hours on emails. For those curious about the technology, you might check out AImReply. It can also analyze incoming emails to generate fast responses that you can send out right away. You can choose your own settings and preferences (such as the proper tone of voice or the text's length) to ensure that you always write it in the right context.

TOP New AI Technologies in 2024 | AImReply
2. AI in Customer Service

One of the new technologies in artificial intelligence would include using it for customer service. Many of the areas in customer service are repetitive procedures with only the occasional complex and critical tasks. Doing this will allow business owners to free up their employees to handle other important tasks while eliminating the mundane work.

AI can look at common problems to create effective solutions for customers faster without the need to keep people stuck on the line listening to music. Chatbots, for example, have increased in popularity and will continue into 2024. AI will look at the essentials like customer contracts, warranties, and purchase history to determine an effective solution. For emails, you can use it as a way to respond to customers more quickly. AImReply would work well for cases where you want to automate your responses to give clients faster and more customer-friendly service. The service can generate in seconds professionally written, polite, and suitable for any case responses. So, when having implemented the technology from AImReply, rest assured your customers will get the most professional help with resolving their issues as quickly as possible, which will lead to higher client satisfaction.

TOP New AI Technologies in 2024 | AImReply
3. Generative Videos and Music

AI will give us new tools where we can now create videos and music from AI. In fact, this is one of the new technologies in artificial intelligence that has only recently emerged. It’s still in its infant stages to where it isn’t all that impressive, but at the same time it is because of how this technology can now be done. Instead of needing to create the content for the video yourself, you can now use AI to create it for you and save time.

4. Low Code and No-Code Tools

Gartner predicted back in 2019 that 65% off all applications would either become low code or no code applications. Much of this development is thanks to generative AI where the code is generated for you. You can now create a test application in a few minutes. While AI won’t be replacing software engineering jobs, it creates new opportunities for people with good ideas but not having the technical skills or the finances to make it a reality.

You can also use this AI technology as a way to design software for free for your business. This will help to empower those with no coding experience or only limited coding experience. It reduces the entry barrier so that almost anyone can get started with it.

TOP New AI Technologies in 2024 | AImReply
5. Fraud Detection in Financial Institutions

Unfortunately, fraud is big business, and it costs the banking industry an estimated $67 billion every year, according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. The latest technology artificial intelligence in banking detects suspicious activity and flags it in real-time. With an estimated 8 out of every 10 banking users concerned about credit card fraud, this technology helps financial institutions and their customers to stay safe.

The AI looks for common patterns of fraud and anticipates emerging ones. AI in banking also helps to minimize the amount of false positives, which is essential to ensuring a positive customer experience. Basically to detect fraud, AI categorizes one as good data and the other as bad data. It uses the patterns from the bad data to flag future suspicious transactions.

TOP New AI Technologies in 2024 | AImReply
6. Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture

This new technology in artificial intelligence has had many useful applications in agriculture. For example, artificial intelligence can pinpoint defects and soil deficiencies. The technology can also analyze the places where the couch grasses are growing. AI has the ability to harvest crops in great volume and faster than humans as well. The robots will perform multiple tasks while out in the fields, and it can even predict the weather and other conditions. You can increase your productivity while you decrease your waste when you use it.

The AI in agriculture looks for insights that it can use to improve its farming practices. Using the AI will also analyze the market demand and forecast the best times to plant crops. Ultimately, this tool sets the goal to increase profitability and production. You will make better decisions at every stage of growing crops.

TOP New AI Technologies in 2024 | AImReply
7. Self-Driving Vehicles

With the AI latest technology in driving, much is at stake when you let a car drive on its own, and if it fails, it could lead to devastating consequences. AI is what lets our cars drive on their own through downtown San Francisco, but it still remains a huge computational problem. Many variables come into play that can interfere with correct driving, which is why they don’t give up the real driver behind the wheel.

No road engineer wants to be the one whose test claimed a life, which is why they remain so cautious when developing this technology. For this to work properly, self-driving vehicles need a continuous and ongoing stream of data and instructions on how to respond in real-time.

To put into perspective how complex this is, the typical vehicle for self-driving in 2020 had around 300 million lines of code. This contains more than 1 TB of storage, and it will require at least 1 TB per second to support the compute performance for autonomous driving.

TOP New AI Technologies in 2024 | AImReply
8. Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

The current AI technology has seen growth in the field of marketing. Marketers can use the generative AI to deliver ads targeted to their customer base. It uses pattern recognition and behavioral analysis to ensure that you experience better results. For example, if you set out to do an email marketing campaign, you might use AImReply to keep your desired branding and tone of voice throughout the marketing email.

Rather than it taking hours to think of a good campaign, you can deliver perfectly composed emails in a matter of seconds and see how it performs. It’s also easy to do the A/B testing because you can generate another email quickly. You can optimize your campaign in real-time according to needs.

TOP New AI Technologies in 2024 | AImReply
9. AI in Data Security

Today’s cyber threats have grown in complexity more than ever before. To beat the crooks, you need to keep up to date with artificial intelligence new technology that will truly keep ahead. Most experts estimated that 2,200 cyber attacks happen every day of the year. In a year, that means that 803,000 cyber attacks happen every year. In 2023, the average cost of a data breach was $4.45 million, which was a 15% increase in the last 3 years.

AI can pinpoint hidden threats on your network. While even the best humans are prone to error, artificial intelligence never errs in the same way. It uses data that it was trained on to find potential threats and neutralize them before they materialize. AI can map out and prevent a threat from wreaking havoc on a business. When AI sees a blunder on the part of humans, the software will respond to it in real-time. This will stop the same dangers in the future.

TOP New AI Technologies in 2024 | AImReply

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this shows you some of the ways that artificial intelligence is being put to use nowadays. For those curious about a practical application or looking for a tool that can be used on a daily basis and for everyday life, you might consider our AI email writer AImReply. The software comes up with appropriate, suitable, and unique email replies in seconds, thus  making light work out of your inbox so that you can focus on the core elements of your business. You save hours of time that you can put right back into making more money.

Author Ethan Wilson
Written by

Author, Expert in Email Strategy and Artificial Intelligence

Author Ethan Wilson

Written by

Ethan Wilson

Author, Expert in Email Strategy and Artificial Intelligence

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