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How to write a complaint email

How to write a complaint email

Especially after you feel disappointed with a company’s product or service, you may think to write a complaint email but wonder how to start. When you write a complaint email, it issues a formal statement of dissatisfaction, and you request that someone at the company takes action to resolve the problem. Why waste precious time on this? You can accelerate the process of this boring busywork by using AImReply, an AI email assistant that will write the complaint email for you. At the same time, you can avoid many of the most common pitfalls that people run into when they write emails like this, such as getting overly emotional—you want to keep it professional in case you need to take it to court. You would issue a complaint email for 3 reasons: First, it shows your willingness to take legal action. Second, the email creates a record of your dissatisfaction for the future if you would pursue legal action against the company. Finally, a complaint email can often resolve the problem without costly legal action. That matters since attorneys will cost anywhere from $50 to $100 per hour. Let’s take a look at how to write a complaint email.

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Improve Your Communication

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What Not to Include in a Complaint Email

Before we begin, let’s take a look at things not to include in a complaint email. Remember: In most cases, the person who reads your email didn’t cause the problem, so you should avoid angry, sarcastic, or threatening statements in the email. The representative reading your complaint could be very helpful in resolving your issue.

Do Not Make Up Facts - During a court hearing, the judge will read your email at the hearing. Any facts that you make in the email may be presented to the court in front of an expert to confirm the information, and they could dismiss those facts as false. You may also be required to give a further explanation exposing them as false. This is why when learning how to write an email of complaint, you don’t make up facts.

How to write an effective complaint letter with examples | AImReply

Don’t Threaten in the Email - Emotions run high and sometimes people will make threats in the conversation. Making up facts or threatening the company when contacted can be used against you in court.

Do Not Use Disparaging Language - Keep it professional throughout the complaint email. You don’t want to show anger, sarcasm, or anything to make the court believe in an unwillingness to resolve the problem peacefully.

The Steps to Write a Complaint Email

Luckily, writing a complaint email is simple, and you can follow the steps outlined here to issue a formal complaint to a company. Additionally, consider sending a postscript email a few days later to politely remind the recipient of your initial complaint and express your continued concern for resolution

How to write an effective complaint letter with examples | AImReply
Step #1: Gather the Required Information

You will need the following to write a complaint email successfully:

  • Recipient’s Email Address
  • Recipient Name
  • Dates
  • Addresses
  • How the Issue Impacted You

You may want to attach supporting documentation to show the issue and, potentially, for evidence in court.

How to write an effective complaint letter with examples | AImReply
Step #2: Describe the Complaint

Keep it concise and clearly describe the problem. While you don’t want to make it too long, it should contain all the basic facts like the dates and addresses and how it impacted you. For how it impacted you, you would want to describe any tangible, out-of-pocket expenses no matter how small that you may have had. For example, you might describe the cost to you if a moving company damaged some of your goods in the move.

Step #3: Outline How You Want to Resolve the Complaint

When learning how to write a complaint email, make reasonable demands. You increase your chances of resolving the problem quickly with reasonable demands, and the courts will also see that you have made a reasonable request to the company. You might, for example, request a refund, a new product, or you might highlight alternatives for a reasonable course of action to resolve the problem.

Step #4: Tell Them How to Reach out to You

You will want to tell them toward the end how they can reach out to you, such as emailing you back or putting your phone number in the email. This will allow them to discuss the issues you had and to hopefully resolve them positively.

Step #5: Give Them a Deadline and Hit Send

Tell them how long you will wait for a response, but remember to keep it a reasonable time frame. Most people give from 7 to 14 days for a response. You keep it reasonable because if the courts see the email, you want your side to look more reasonable. Toward the end, attach the documents if you feel it would help and send it. Additionally, consider sending a follow-up email after an application if you don't receive a response within the specified timeframe

How to write an effective complaint letter with examples | AImReply

What to Do if You Don’t Get a Response

If, after the 7 to 14 days pass and you get no response, it would be reasonable to consider taking action against the company. You might go to the Attorney General or the Better Business Bureau or the Consumer Protection Office. All of these groups protect customers. File a complaint with them. Next, you would send a demand letter that an attorney wrote demanding that the company fulfills its legal obligations. In some cases, they call it a “formal notice” or an “Attorney’s letter.”

In many cases, getting a letter with the threat from an attorney will be enough to scare the company into taking action. This letter is issued right before you file a case. After you send the letter, you would file a case in small claims court. You don’t need a lawyer to write the letter, and in some cases, people will use AI to write the demand letter.

How to write an effective complaint letter with examples | AImReply


Hopefully, this shows you how to write email for complaint. People can use AI as a way to write part of the complaint email and waste less time. In 2023, it’s common. The way that you would do it is to request a format for the complaint email, and then you would fill in the details of your case and give it a personal touch. You can do this by using the AImReply service. You can choose the tone (It is recommended to use the professional tone on the software), and personalize it to write the specific details of your complaint.

In general, you’d never want to write such an unpleasant email, but circumstances can force your hand. In fact, the need to write a complaint email is more common than what you might think, so don’t feel bad if you do. The one thing you don’t have to do is waste your time. AImReply will create your email in seconds, not the minutes it would require for a human to write. You just fill in the details quickly and send it in so that you can get back to what’s most important. At the same time, the complaint email generated from the software will be perfectly written, professional, and straight to the point. You don’t need to waste time researching how to write one and get it into the proper format because the software will put it into the correct format for you. It also supports 16 languages, which means that even if the company’s first language isn’t English, you can still reach them.

How to write an effective complaint letter with examples | AImReply

If you’re a company, you save money because you can let your employee focus on more important tasks like things that will bring you money. You save time without the need to pay them to write a complaint email. AImReply email writer will also boost your productivity as a result. Even if you did delegate the task to an employee, it would take a few minutes, not 30 to 45 minutes to complete a task that doesn’t earn money. Sign up and see how it can help. The biggest benefit is how it will give you a high quality complaint email. You can also use it for some of your daily business operations to streamline the process.

Author Ethan Wilson
Written by

Author, Expert in Email Strategy and Artificial Intelligence

Author Ethan Wilson

Written by

Ethan Wilson

Author, Expert in Email Strategy and Artificial Intelligence

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