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How to write follow up email after application

How to write follow up email after application

In the modern world of the job market, your application is likely stacked up against many other candidates. That means it can be advantageous to take an extra step to get noticed among all of the applications. You can achieve this with several methods, but a simple follow up email can do wonders. Many people don’t know what to write in a follow up email after applications have been sent out. In this article, you’ll get a look at a few follow up email templates, in addition to proven tips you should utilize.

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We have all been there at some point in time, waiting to hear back from a company about a recent job application. Although we’re curious about the outcome, we don’t want to seem pushy and hinder our chances of landing the job.

How to write a follow up email after application | AImReply

This can cause some uneasy feelings, but you do have a few options if you’d like to follow up on your recent meeting. How to write a follow up email after an application can be challenging if you’ve never done it before. Overthinking this process can diminish the quality of your email, so it’s best to stick to a few rules that have proven to be effective.

It never hurts to send a kind follow up email after sending in a job application. However, the timeframe in which you do this is pretty important. If you haven’t heard back from the company for a week or two, sending a follow-up email makes sense. On the other hand, you never want to send this email the day after your meeting.

How to write a follow up email after application | AImReply

The benefits of this particular email can be pretty vast, depending on the quality of the email. Some of these include reiterating your interest in the position and providing additional information the company might find useful.

Every professional should have follow up email templates in their arsenal. You can find a few tried and tested templates that’ll help provide insight on how to write a follow up email after a job application.

How to write a follow up email after application | AImReply

Follow Up Email Templates

It’s understandable to want a little help when it comes to sensitive emails. You want to make sure you get it right the first time, and that’s where templates can be very helpful. Always remember that they’re just that, templates, and they’re meant to be taken as suggestions.

Adding a personal touch to a template is crucial, as they’re not meant to simply be copied and pasted into an email draft. The best way to approach templates is by taking their best qualities and spinning them to add a bit of your personalization. Consider utilizing the templates listed below if you need help on how to write a follow up email after a job application.

How to write a follow up email after application | AImReply
1. Get in touch with HR

One very important aspect of your follow up email is the exact contact you’re sending it to. Depending on who it is, this can set the tone for the entire message, so make sure to pay attention to who your contact is. If you plan on reaching out to HR, consider giving this follow up email template a test run.

Subject Line: Inquiry about my application for [Position] at [Company Name]

Hello [HR Manager],

My name is [Name]. I recently sent in my application for the [Position] job at [Company Name]. I’m just reaching out as I wanted to follow up on the status of my application if it's available.

I'm extremely interested in working for [Company Name], and I’m confident I could be a solid asset to your workforce. The blend of my previous experience and college education seems like a suitable fit for the requirements of this position.

Of course, I'm always here if you have any more specific questions. Please don't hesitate to reach out, as I look forward to speaking with you again soon!

[Your Name]
[LinkedIn URL]

Although this text is catered to the HR manager, the message itself is pretty general. It gets to the point, doesn’t add too much fluff, and also has an easygoing feel to it that isn’t pushy. In some cases, you aren’t sure if the company received your application at all. If you haven’t received any confirmation about your application, try using the next template for your follow up email.

How to write a follow up email after application | AImReply
2. Contact the hiring manager

Before you get started on the email, you’ll want to look into who the best point of contact is. In most circumstances, with job applications, the hiring manager's email would be your best bet.

This email template will also require a professional tone, but the direction and target audience is a tad different. Nevertheless, the template below is a great choice if you plan on following up with a hiring manager.

Subject Line: Following up about my recent application for [Job Title] at [Company]

Dear [Contact Name],

My name is [Your Name], and I applied for the [position] on [date]. I’m reaching out as I wanted to confirm that you have received my application on your end.

I'd love to chat about how my expertise in this field can benefit you and your team members moving forward. Once you’ve had a chance to review my application, please reach out so we can discuss the details of the position further! Thanks again, and I hope to speak with you in the near future.

All the Best,
[Your Name]
[LinkedIn URL]

Once again, it’s a relatively short email that gets to the point, but every word has its purpose. It’s short enough that most people will read through it all, and it gets right to the point about what you need. Outside of general follow up emails, you might need to follow up merely to ask a specific question about the job or your application.

How to write a follow up email after application | AImReply
3. Follow up questions

Sometimes you’re looking for a little more than just a follow up inquiry. Whether it's anxiety or general curiosity, sending a follow-up email with a question or two isn't out of line. The main question is about your job application.

This can also be an opportunity to get a couple of important answers you might be looking for. Regardless of your intent, try the email template below if you have a few questions you’d like to ask.

Subject Line: Follow up on application for [job title] for [company name]

Hey there [Hiring Manager],

My name is [Your Name], and I recently responded to your posting for the position of [job title]. I wanted to reach out and make sure you received my application.

I also wanted to clarify that I'm still eager about the position and to ask a couple of follow up questions if that's alright. [Insert one or two questions in a concise, friendly, and direct manner].

If any questions arise from my application, feel free to get in touch via email or reach out to my personal phone number. I look forward to our next conversation!

Thank you,
[Your Name]
[LinkedIn URL]

Remember, these are simply example templates that have proven to be more effective than others. You can either tweak them to your liking or use them as inspiration to write something entirely unique.

How to write a follow up email after application | AImReply

In Conclusion

For those looking to learn how to write a follow up email after a job application, this article has the direct answer you’re looking for. If you’re really stuck, you might consider working alongside AI for the best results.

How to write a follow up email after application | AImReply

AImReply can help you with follow up emails on your applications by writing highly personalized messages. Not only can they embody the tone and personality you want, but AImReply delivers a level of efficiency that can’t be ignored. Check out the full scope of our features on the AimReply website, and shoot us a message if you’d like to learn more!

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