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How to write business thank you email

How to write business thank you email

Thank you emails show gratitude and help you to establish business credibility and trust with colleagues, customers, and business owners. You can use it as a way to maintain professional relationships. Many people think of it as an afterthought, but a little gratitude can go a long way. If you’d like to learn how to write a business thank you email that leaves a positive impression, keep reading.

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Step #1: Write from a Professional Email Address

Professional email addresses include the name of the company that you work for, an official email domain, and address. Don’t use numbers because they may wind up in the spam box. In general, it would be best to avoid nicknames because you want to convey a professional image.

Step #2: Write a Professional Subject Line

When you write the subject line for a thank you email for business, you want to keep your tone professional. You want the email to come off as sincere, courteous, and confident. To accelerate the process, you can use an AI email generator, such as AImReply, to assist with the writing.

How to write business thank you emails with examples | AImReply

Some of the most common examples of a thank you for your business email subject line include:

  • Just Saying Thank You, [First Name]
  • Thank You for Being a Loyal Customer, [First Name]
  • Thanks for Your Order, [First Name]
  • [First Name], Thank You for Giving Your Time
  • Thank You for Your Continued Support, [First Name]
Step #3: Personalize the Email

Using artificial intelligence for a thank you for business email will give you the template and save tons of time, but you still want to add some personal details to make it feel genuine. Personalizing your emails will also help to make your business feel more trustworthy because no one wants to receive business thank you emails that were generic. In most cases, people won’t read it. Another crucial instance where a thank-you email holds significance is after a phone interview. Taking the time to express gratitude for the conversation and reiterate your interest can leave a positive impression on the interviewer.

Some of the ways that you can personalize your email include:

  • Speak to them with their name
  • Bring up a specific situation if possible
  • Make it relevant to them
How to write business thank you emails with examples | AImReply
Step #4: Write with Formal Language

Informal language risks coming across as uncaring or inappropriate given the context. When in doubt, write in the formal tone. You can use AImReply, the AI email writer, to keep your tone professional at all times in the email. Just tap the option for the formal tone in customization, and this software will write in that tone automatically. Writing in the formal tone shows that you took the time to craft a well-thought-out thank you business email. AImReply will also help you to avoid spelling and grammar errors that can damage your credibility. Each time, it writes perfectly-crafted emails in seconds.

Step #5: Keep It Brief and Straight to the Point

Despite how grateful a person feels to receive a thank you business email, no one wants to spend a long time reading an email such as this. Just keep it short and easy to read and keep the information straight to the point. You want the email to leave a positive impression that could open the door to business in the future.

How to write business thank you emails with examples | AImReply
Step #6: Write the Specifics

Write the specifics of what you wish to thank the person for. This will make your thank you business email remembered for much longer. Telling them the specifics will give people further context about the positive impact that their actions had on your business. When you take the time to thank someone for their contribution, it shows them that you appreciate it, and you don’t forget the details. Eliminate all unnecessary information in that email. You want to go straight to the point without wasting the recipient’s time. Keep the tone positive throughout to ensure that you leave them with a happy feeling at the end, which is the point of the email.

Step #7: End with a Professional Email Signature

AImReply will let you create a professional email signature in seconds. You want to end your email with a flawless signature because it shows professionalism, and you can put your branding into the email. It also helps to leave them with a positive impression of your business.

In the professional email signature, you want to include your job title and your company name. Having an email signature will also make it easier for people to contact you.

How to write business thank you emails with examples | AImReply

Perfect Examples of a Business Thank You Email

Example - Thank You Email for Long-Term Business

Subject Line: Thank You for Your Continued Support, [First Name]

Dear [First Name],

I would just like to thank you for your continued support over the past [X] years. I appreciate the business that you have given to me, and I look forward to continuing to serve your business needs in the future.

If I could do anything that would make your experience better, feel free to reach out to me.

Thank you again for your loyalty over the years, and I hope that you have a great day.

Kind regards,
[Email Signature]

Example - Thank You Email for Holiday Business

Subject Line: Thank You for Your Support This Year, [First Name]

Dear [First Name],

Over the last year, I have appreciated the business that you gave to me. I look forward to continuing to work with you in the future, and I would like to wish you a happy holiday season.

I wish you all the best in the coming new year. Thanks again for your support.

Kind regards,
[Email Signature]

Example - Thank You Email for Becoming a Member

Subject Line: Thank You for Joining My Community, [First Name]

Dear [First Name],

I’d like to thank you for becoming a member of the community. You can benefit greatly from this place where you will share your thoughts and passions with like-minded individuals.

Because you joined us, you will receive things like exclusive content, invitations to special events, and special offers. I hope that you will take advantage of everything that this community has to offer and share your interests with us.

I look forward to our interactions in the community.

Kind regards,
[Email Signature]

How to write business thank you emails with examples | AImReply

Example - Thank You Email to Your Business Team

Subject Line: Thanks for All the Hard Work, Guys

Hey Team,

I’d just like to take the time to thank you all for your hard work on [Project Name]. The work that you did on it turned out to make it one of our most successful work projects.

I appreciate the hard work and dedication that you put into it. To show my gratitude, I would like to plan a lunch this upcoming week.

Thank you again for all the hard work.

Kind regards,
[Email Signature]

Example - Business Meeting Thank You Note

Subject Line: I’m so Grateful for the Productive Meeting

Hey [First Name],

Thank you for the productive meeting that we had on Monday. I was proud of how much we accomplished, and I liked that you came prepared to the meeting and [use specific details here].

I appreciate the time and effort that you put into the discussion and your efforts to help us create valuable insights that we can use. Our work is now going forward, and I cannot wait to see how we will meet our business objectives.

Thanks again for all the efforts you put forward.

Kind regards,
[Email Signature]

5 Tips to Ensure That Your Thank You Email Leaves a Good Impression

Let’s take a look at some tips for thank you emails for business that will ensure that you leave a positive impression on your recipient.

How to write business thank you emails with examples | AImReply
Tip #1: Think About the Format

The format that you use in a thank you email matters because of the different devices that people will use to check their emails. They could be looking at your email from a laptop, mobile device, or tablet, and you want to accommodate for all three formats. The fonts that you can read the easiest include Times New Roman, Arial, Open Sans, and Verdana. Some of the worst fonts for readability and that you want to avoid would include Comic Sans, Vivaldi, Courier, and Bradley Hand.

Tip #2: Write a Clear Subject Line

Clear subject lines will improve the open rate of your thank you email business letter. Resist the temptation to write a witty or funny subject line because this often falls flat. Instead, you might use the recipient name in the subject line and a clearly written reason for the email.

Tip #3: Proofread the Email

Now, if you use an AI email assistant like AImReply, the amount of proofreading will be kept to a minimum. The software creates perfectly crafted emails free from grammar and spelling mistakes. However, you may still need to proofread for one reason—that reason being that you need to make sure that the email says what you want it to say. In a way, this is more like reviewing the email to ensure that it conveys what you need it to include. Also, you can review it to put in some of the more personal details that you were grateful for in the thank you for the business email.

How to write business thank you emails with examples | AImReply
Tip #4: Try to Create a Positive First Impression at the Close

To do this, I recommend that you close with an email signature. The right email signature will convey professionalism at the end, and you can use it as branding for your business. You can create them by yourself, or you can use an AI tool that has that feature.

Tip #5: Include Details

Details are king when it comes to thank you in business emails because it seems more authentic. When specific and personalized, a thank you email is more attractive. Few people want to read a generic thank you email that everyone else has received. To avoid the generic, add a couple of specific details from your conversation that would make them see it as a legitimate thank you email. If you could send that same email out to 50 people, then it’s not detailed enough. Think of something specific from the meeting.

How to write business thank you emails with examples | AImReply


It’s important not to overdo the business thank you email. You want to keep it honest and thankful so that it comes off as genuinely grateful. Throughout the email, it’s also important to maintain a professional tone that conveys respect.

Furthermore, don't forget to send thank-you emails for internal interviews as well. Expressing gratitude for the opportunity to advance within the company can strengthen your relationship with colleagues and reaffirm your commitment to the team's success.

You can write the emails by yourself, but you may want to consider AImReply because it can be a big help with writing perfectly composed emails free of grammar and spelling errors. Some of the biggest advantages of AImReply include time savings, appropriate texts, precise personalization, and availability as a Google Chrome extension, and on the mobile and desktop platforms. This communication will reflect on what you would’ve said, but it can create that email in seconds making it easier to write emails.

Author Ethan Wilson
Written by

Author, Expert in Email Strategy and Artificial Intelligence

Author Ethan Wilson

Written by

Ethan Wilson

Author, Expert in Email Strategy and Artificial Intelligence

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