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How to write an email to invite for a meeting

How to write an email to invite for a meeting

Before you can begin, you must send out a meeting invitation email to your contacts as part of getting ready. Unfortunately, you just don’t have the time because you need to do so many other things along with the invitations to prepare. Nowadays in 2023, we’re hearing about options that we didn’t have in the past, such as AI-writing assistants—they’ve gotten surprisingly good. It is recommended to choose the AImReply service. It’s free to sign up and easy to get started. You will also love the high quality of the meeting invitation emails, which could increase how many people attend your meetings. Using the AI-powered assistant for writing emails can speed up your writing process, save you time, and improve your consistency of brand through adhering to specific guidelines for style and tone. Let’s take a look at how to write an email to invite for a meeting.

Improve Your Communication
Improve Your Communication

Employ the full range of AI advantages with AImReply and express your thoughts faultlessly in every email.

1. Write a Catchy Subject Line

You may want to come up with the subject line yourself to boost your response rate. The average response rate for emails performed at 8.6%, but you can increase it by 20% with a headline that entices your attendees to click in and read the email. In a perfect world, you’d get a 100% response rate every time, but how you write your subject line can play a big role in the response rate you get with email invitations.

Understanding what an AI-powered email assistant can do and what it can’t do can also help you to get the most from it, but it can prove a big help if you want to know how to write an email invitation to a meeting. SuperOffice conducted a survey that found how 34% of people open emails based on the subject line. For that reason, you may want to take the time to think of a good headline. You typically want a short, concise subject no more than 41 characters long and no more than 7 words. In preparation for your meeting, consider conducting a phone interview with key participants to streamline discussions and ensure clarity on objectives.

How to write effective meeting invitation emails with examples | AImReply
2. Share the Time, Place, and Duration

You need to account for three things in email invitation outreach and this includes: time, place, and duration. An invitation email for a meeting must include this information for success, but you can use AI to highlight the most pertinent details and let it do the writing for you with a template to save on time.

Think about the time because a good time and date will make it more convenient for people to attend and increase the response rate. For example, avoid scheduling meetings toward the early morning or end of the day—that becomes even more true if it will take a long time. People don’t want to attend long meetings after ending a long day or right in the early morning.

Additionally, sending a two-weeks-notice email before the meeting will give attendees ample time to adjust their schedules accordingly.

How to write effective meeting invitation emails with examples | AImReply

Next, think about where you plan to make it happen. The planning of this is just as important as knowing how to write email for meeting invitation. For online meetings, show them the easiest way possible for how to get the link. For in-person meetings, provide them an address. Finally, think about the length of time that you will spend at the meeting. Pew Research Center conducted a survey in 2018 that learned how 60% of people feel too busy to enjoy life. Respect people’s time. People today pack their schedules full, but give an estimate with a longer time because people would rather be let out early for a meeting than kept late for one.

How to write effective meeting invitation emails with examples | AImReply
3. Clearly Say the Purpose

To get the highest response rate, you need a good reason for why people should attend your meeting. In some cases, it may be a required staff meeting or a recurring meeting where they can’t opt out, but as much as possible you want to respect people’s time. People will arrive in a happier mood, and they will be more willing to discuss things for your meeting.

In most cases, saying the purpose won’t require more than a couple of sentences. Even shorter meetings require less explanation. Saying the purpose allows people to explain to their family members or friends why they need to reschedule something, and they can give a better reason for it.

How to write effective meeting invitation emails with examples | AImReply
4. Highlight the Agenda Points

Along with the purpose of the meeting, knowing how to write meeting invitation email means that you should highlight a few topics on the agenda structured as bullet points. This won’t require too much depth, and in a lot of cases, you can use AI to write the agenda and tweak them after to save time. In cases where you only plan to cover a couple of points, you may write it out in a sentence or two.

If the meeting takes a more formal tone, people will sometimes send out the agenda points as an attachment. This is one of the better practices for how to write invitation email because it lets your attendees pull out the attachment during the meeting to discuss it without needing to hang onto the email invitation.

Following the meeting, it’s essential to send a follow-up email summarizing key points discussed and action items agreed upon to maintain momentum and accountability.

How to write effective meeting invitation emails with examples | AImReply

As a little quick trick on how to write an invite email, you might highlight VIP attendees that you invited for an interview if it will drum up excitement for the meeting. If they will cover specific topics that might excite your audience, highlight what they will talk about.

5. Request a Response (RSVP)

Also known as an RSVP, which means, “Please respond,” this action will help you to learn how many people plan to attend your meeting. For an in-person event, it lets you know the amount of food and drinks to order. For an online meeting, it lets you plan according to how many individuals plan to attend.

How to write effective meeting invitation emails with examples | AImReply

You must request a response because most people won’t respond to email invites unless asked. Include a deadline for the response. Keeping a deadline ensures that people send their responses in a timely fashion. You reduce the effectiveness of an RSVP if all the replies come at the last minute so that you can’t plan for the meeting—that was the whole purpose of the RSVP. That’s one of the keys on how to write an invitation email is don’t wait till the last second with your workshops.

Make it clear how you would like for people to respond to the invites. You could use an AI emailing software like AImReply to create such a text that will clearly point out the need for a timely response. This ensures that they don’t wind up waiting till the last minute, which can throw the whole meeting off to a bad start.

How to write effective meeting invitation emails with examples | AImReply
6. Sign off with a Professional Signature

Professionally made signatures will brand, reinforce, and establish who you are and the company that you represent. In many ways, it shares similarities with a digital business card. When speaking with people who aren’t team members at your company, give them details like:

  • Full name
  • Position
  • Company name (including the link)

If the meeting will take place with team members, then you don’t need to mention that information.

How to write effective meeting invitation emails with examples | AImReply

5 Tips to Succeed with Email Invites for Meetings

Tip #1 Harness Email Design and Creative Visuals: When they open the email, high quality stock images, and banners can draw them. Use the email design in coordination with creative visuals. You can use visuals to follow a theme or brand message to make it attractive while adding a subtle benefit. .

Tip #2 Tone Must Align with Purpose: Use a tone that you wish to convey to your recipients. For example, sending out an email for a monthly staff meeting, you might address them as the more informal “team.” You would use a more formal and professional tone if you planned a meeting with your shareholders. Never use a negative tone for email invites since it will hurt the response rate. You can train AI to write in a specific tone for your emails.

Tip #3 Don’t Overdo It: If you want to know how write an email invitation effectively and get people to read to the end of your email invitations, keep them brief with just the facts. Cover the basics and let people respond. You can go more in-depth when they sign into the meeting.

How to write effective meeting invitation emails with examples | AImReply

Tip #4 Create a Clear and Single CTA: Never forget to put the CTA in the email invite at the end. The CTA describes the action you need them to take whether registering on your website or getting them to respond in the RSVP. Keep the CTA simple with only a single action that you need them to take. This will increase your response rate. One study from Campaign Monitor found how keeping a single CTA increases the response rate by as much as 371%.

Tip #5 Give It a Personal Touch: You need to add a personal touch. You might start off with the person’s name in greeting and create a friendly little opener before you go into the facts about the meeting. If working on a project, you might thank everyone for their hard work. Small acts of gratitude go a long way.

How to write effective meeting invitation emails with examples | AImReply


Hopefully this shows you how to write a formal invitation email for an event in 2023. When you go to send out the email invitations, try to think of the best time where everyone sits down at their computers to check emails. Studies show that most people check their emails from 10am to 12pm. Most people feel that need for an afternoon break right around that time.

How to write effective meeting invitation emails with examples | AImReply

After you know their time, you may want to do something that would accelerate the process. AImReply can eliminate much of the busywork so that you can focus on more important things. Many people report saving up to 3 hours every day on email with this helpful AI email generator. One happy customer said that it was much like having a personal assistant on hand to help you with the tasks you don’t want to do but are necessary. Sign up and see for yourself how it helps. If you decide that you don’t need it, you won't lose anything because it’s free.

Author Ethan Wilson
Written by

Author, Expert in Email Strategy and Artificial Intelligence

Author Ethan Wilson

Written by

Ethan Wilson

Author, Expert in Email Strategy and Artificial Intelligence

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