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How to Write Subject in Email with Examples and Insights

How to Write Subject in Email with Examples and Insights

Knowing how to write an email subject line can come with several benefits, whether for personal or professional use. The nuances of subject lines can make or break communication in many circumstances. This article provides the insight and examples you need to craft attention-grabbing subject lines with every email. You’ll also learn about why AImReply is the only support you need for writing emails.

Improve Your Communication
Improve Your Communication

Employ the full range of AI advantages with AImReply and express your thoughts faultlessly in every email.

Learning How to Write Subject in Email

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Crafting an effective subject line is vital because it's the first thing recipients see when you send an email. It's a significant deciding factor in whether the recipient decides to open the email or send it to the trash.

While preheaders are also important, subject lines are the focal point of this article, as they’re a critical component of every email. A great rule of thumb to go by is to write catchy, short, clear subject lines. This isn’t always easy, but with a little inspiration, you can get into the groove of writing a variety of subject lines without running into writer's block.

Examples of How to Write Email Subjects

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It doesn’t hurt to learn from what works, as there’s plenty of expert material on how to craft a proper subject line for any kind of email. Of course, it’s crucial to make every subject line as unique as possible, but you always have a few options to choose from.

There’s plenty of data to support the benefit and impact of subject lines on email success rates. From general engagement to ROI, the subject line plays a role in all of it. Take some time to review the various email subject line examples below and use them as inspiration for your own.

Curiosity-driven subject lines

If you’re looking to induce curiosity into the recipient, there are several choice words that can get them there. Curiosity is a key component when it comes to convincing people to read further.

How to Write Subject in Email with Examples and Insights - picture 3 | AImReply

In many cases, this process is utilized to land sales or guide customers through the buyer’s journey. The following email subject lines are samples that are geared toward driving curiosity to click into your email.

  1. Act Fast - Limited Time Offer For You!
  2. Unlock Your Hidden Gift Inside
  3. A Secret Invite for (Name)!
  4. Take a Sneak Peak - You Won’t Regret It
  5. Click Here For a Special Treat!
  6. Discover Our Latest Offer
  7. This Offer Won’t Last Long
  8. We Have Exactly What You’re Looking For
  9. We’ve Been Waiting For You!
  10. Claim Your Insider Access ASAP!

Keep in mind that these are merely samples. You’re more than welcome to use them, but it’s always best to give each subject a personal flair if possible.

Newsletter subject lines

An important angle to any business, newsletters are vital for community-building, sales, and much more. However, consistently connecting with your audience in this realm requires effective subject lines at every turn.

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With the professional nature of newsletters in mind, it’s important to be punctual and to the point. It’s true that some strategies do better than others, but the samples below can be applied to any business or industry.

  1. Uncover What’s New This Week!
  2. Insider Info: A Must-Read Newsletter for (Month)
  3. Your Curated Weekly Digest
  4. Dive Into What We’re Reading Today
  5. Your Go-To Source for (Industry) News
  6. Learn Something New With Us
  7. To Our Exclusive Newsletter Recipient
  8. Stay in the Know With Our Newsletter
  9. Stay One Step Ahead
  10. Here’s What You Can Expect for (Month)

These base examples can be twisted to suit certain industries, as newsletters are a general part of almost any business. Make variations of these examples and include something unique about your professional identity to help it stand out to your audience.

Sales email subject lines

While it isn’t always the intent, most newsletter audiences are managed in hopes of acting as an effective sales channel. It only makes sense as these audiences are already interested in the product or service that’s behind the newsletter they signed up for.

How to Write Subject in Email with Examples and Insights - picture 5 | AImReply

Sales is a relatively complicated subject for most people, as once again, the words you choose are everything. The type of sales techniques that work on each person can vary greatly. Combining what’s known to work with your own flair can lead to a much more personalized experience for your audience and hopefully increase sales.

Here are a few subject lines you can use as inspiration for sales emails:

  1. Dive In - The Sale Ends Today!
  2. We’re Limited in Stock - Act Now
  3. Take Advantage of Your Personal Discount!
  4. Ready, Set, Shop!
  5. The Only Way to Save
  6. Your Monthly VIP Savings Inside
  7. Buy More While Paying Less!
  8. Get Excited - Our Season Savings Are Here
  9. Have You Seen This Discount Yet?
  10. Our Entire Catalog is (%) Off!

They don’t have to be overly complicated, just enough to drive FOMO into the reader. It’s a fine line between effective sales emails and being a nuisance.

The writing doesn’t have to be too bold or in your face to be effective; it simply has to catch the eye of the recipient. This can easily be done by playing into their interests while hiding something they might want with the email inside.

In addition to learning how to craft compelling subject lines, it's also crucial to consider the email subject line for after an interview. Making a lasting impression post-interview can significantly impact your candidacy.

The Importance of Learning How to Write Email Subjects

Getting the recipient to click on the email is important, but there are several nuances of emailing lists of contacts that may be elusive to newcomers. Emailing can be a tricky space to navigate, especially if you’re selling a product or service.

How to Write Subject in Email with Examples and Insights - picture 6 | AImReply

The reader’s attention is a primary goal, but effective subject lines play into numerous email marketing objectives. From setting expectations for the email content to intricately avoiding spam filters, each word matters in a good subject line.

Knowing how to write the subject of an email is a skill that can be applied to nearly any audience. The customization comes down to your voice or brand. Outside of that, the examples in this article are more than enough to get your emails off the ground.

Email subject lines have a direct effect on the following marketing points:

  • Encouraging reader engagements and click-through rates
  • Increasing open rates
  • Creating a personalized connection with each customer or audience member
  • Running A/B tests to see which subject lines work best
  • Showcasing relevancy to the needs, interests, and concerns of each individual recipient

Although some of these points are unique to certain audiences, it’s viable information for anyone looking to craft subject lines that work. Regardless of whether it’s for business or personal reasons, there’s a social aspect to email communication. This element should always exist in the subject line whether you’re emailing one person or thousands of people at a time.

Subject line mistakes to avoid

This article offers plenty of direction on how to write an email subject line, but it’s also important to know what to avoid when writing. Some of these points may seem like no-brainers, but it’s important to cover them, as they should never be included in a subject line, regardless of the topic or audience.

How to Write Subject in Email with Examples and Insights - picture 7 | AImReply

Some of these common mistakes include:

  • Writing the subject line in all caps
  • Never make false promises you can’t follow through on
  • Using language that deceives the reader
  • Being overly vague

These are seen as common as people do it all the time, but they can negatively affect the open rates of your emails. People don’t respond positively to all-caps subject lines, lies, or non-descriptive information.

Subject lines should always feel personalized and to the point for every reader. This is definitely easier said than done, which is why having a little help by your side can be advantageous.

How to Write an Email Subject With AImReply

Instead of writing one subject line after the next, you can use the power of artificial intelligence to handle it for you. AImReply focuses on providing time savings, enhanced literacy, and more effective emails in a fraction of the time.

As most people spend two to three hours managing emails on a daily basis, AImReply is a necessity in today’s world, to say the least. This merely scratches the surface of AImReply’s benefits, as it can be manipulated for many different email use cases.

How to Write Subject in Email with Examples and Insights - picture 8 | AImReply

Here’s how AImReply can help create effective email subject lines:

  • Create numerous subject lines suitable for any topics and fully written emails in seconds
  • Perfectly high quality of each email - every text the software composes is written in professional language and structure, appropriate, and mistakes-free
  • Write in 16 global languages to cater to different audiences
  • Personalization to help adapt tone, writing styles, and a unique brand voice
  • Universal access across any device to keep emails flowing at any time

AImReply solves more than one problem when it comes to emailing, primarily removing the stress around every word of an email that churns results.

To streamline your email writing process, consider utilizing the AI email generator. With its assistance, you can effortlessly generate compelling subject lines and even entire emails in a matter of seconds.

Write email subject lines with ease

As a society, we’ve grown accustomed to dealing with emails from a manual standpoint when that isn’t a requirement any longer. AImReply provides you with professionally composed emails and suitable subject lines, ensuring that everything is written with efficacy, while achieving the results you’re looking for based on the context.

The best part is that it’s free to use AImReply, and you can test all of its features before making a long-term commitment. Reshape how you write subject lines by putting AImReply email writer to use in every email.

Author Ethan Wilson
Written by

Author, Expert in Email Strategy and Artificial Intelligence

Author Ethan Wilson

Written by

Ethan Wilson

Author, Expert in Email Strategy and Artificial Intelligence

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